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Powder coating

Adding colour to your steel

Powder coating is mainly applied to metals to provide a harder finish than standard paint. It is used as a powder electrostatically from a spray gun. It is cured in an oven to form a tough, durable skin. It is a low-maintenance, long-lasting, colourful cover for architectural metalwork, fencing, gates, and other steel fabrication.

Powder coat paints come in many colours and can create different finishes, such as textured or metallic.

As part of the wider Joseph Ash Group, we can arrange powder coating from our sister plant at Medway. As a result, we can offer a one-stop shop for galvanising and powder coating (or a duplex coating), only requiring one purchase order. Moreover, traceability is assured from start to finish in the process.

Whether you need to dress a building site in corporate colours, turn functional street furniture into a design feature, fabricate colourful fences and gates for playgrounds, or add colour to balustrades or staircases, we can help.

Our Medway plant is an AkzoNobel approved applicator, and skilled in using all types of powder coat, for example, Tiger, Syntha Pulvin, Axalta and IGP.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to discuss your powder coating needs.

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