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Quality is our Priority

Widnes Galvanising have been galvanising  for over 30 years. Galvansing or galvanizing (US) is a process where by steel is plated with zinc (galvanized)  to protect it against corrosion. Widnes Galvanising understand how important turnaround time is to our customers and our team ensures that customer’s specific needs are met. We offer a delivery and collection service to our customers too. Based in Widnes, covering Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and surrounding areas

What we do

The Galvanising Process

Initial Inspection

Work is inspected for suitability. Contaminated surfaces, paint, grease, sand etc: and wrongly positioned or missing holes will be communicated.


Once the work has been wired onto jigs, they are transferred to our pickling tanks. These contain hydrochloric acid to remove surface rust and mill scale.

Rinse & Flux

Jigs are immersed in rinse water to clean off the acid. The final step before the galvanising bath is flux. Work is placed in the flux tank.

Hot Dip Galvanise

Work is left to dry in the enclosure around the galvanising bath. Once it is dried sufficiently, it is immersed into the bath of molten zinc at 453°.

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