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Technical Advice

The best method to battle corrosion -

Hot dip galvanising is a process to enable steel to be protected from corrosion by dipping fabricated steel into molten zinc.

This process ensures that the molten zinc doesn’t just sit on the surface of the steel but actually bonds with the steel creating zinc alloy layers. These alloy layers are harder than the steel which in turn gives the rust prevention Galvanising is renowned for. Even if the coating is damaged it will not necessarily compromise the British Standard or the rate of corrosion.

Kettle Capacity

6m x 1.1m x 2.4m deep.


We are on hand to offer advice at the fabricators design stage to ensure the best quality finish to your galvanised products.

Venting & Drainage

The zinc needs to be able to flow freely and be able to escape during the dipping process. When the steelwork is withdrawn from the bath, the zinc needs to be able to drain and gases from internal compartments need to escape, this is known as venting.

The larger the holes in the fabrication, the better the finish will be. Proper venting and drainage holes will improve the quality of the coating and reduce costs.

Inadequate venting can be dangerous in the working environment of the galvaniser. A missed or wrongly positioned hole can result in an explosion.

Surface Preparation

The pickling of steel in hydrochloric acid will remove surface rust and mill scale, but it will not remove the surface contaminants listed below. If steelwork is sent to us for processing and any of the contaminants are present it will result in a poor quality finish and may increase the turnaround time. Any of the below contaminants should be removed before work is sent in.

  • Oil & grease- including oil based cutting fluid.
  • Lacquer.
  • Anti- splatter Spray
  • Paint
  • Weld Slag
  • Sticky Labels
  • Previously galvanised steel- this can be stripped off in our process, but carries a higher cost than galvanising on clean steel.


Widnes Galvanising Ltd always strives to achieve the highest quality finish possible. We galvanise to BS EN ISO: 1461.

To ensure the best finish customers should prepare their steel by making sure the surface is clean and appropriate venting has been applied.

To help our customers conform to CE Marking and ISO9001, we are able to provide Certificates of Conformity upon request, on completion of the galvanising and prior to despatch from our works.

Our team are on hand if you should need any technical advice. Visits to your works for consultation can be arranged also, if needed.

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